If your voice came with an Owners Manual

The Voice Club Academy

would be it


You know that feeling when you’ve spent money to sing better….. but in the end, you’re not really sure what.….or maybe IF you learned anything?




The Voice Club Academy - solution for embarrassed singers


So, you start to think,

“Maybe it’s just me.”

Maybe I just didn’t listen hard enough.

Maybe I did it wrong.

Maybe……I’m just not...talented enough.



What if it had nothing to do with you?


What if it didn’t work because of THEM?





That's the question we don't dare to ask.


I'm Kim Snyder.  And I've been there too.

I started traveling in a family group at 4, singing jingles at 15, fronting bands by 16 and signed to an indie label five years later.  I've spent most of my life getting paid to sing and do voice work


But I had a secret.   


I hated my voice.


I knew just how many layers of 'faking it' I had to add just to get by.  I knew how hard it was for me to reach notes other singers seemed to breeze through.  I hated how much work it took to attempt to keep my voice on track....to hide the wobbly parts, the weak notes and the strained notes that were even painful for me to hear.


And as my opportunities grew, so did my fear that if I didn't get it figured out, eventually I was going to be exposed for the fake I really was.


That's probably the only reason I was so driven to find 'the answer'.....you know...that special 'how to' training the big singers must know about (but I couldn't find)....the answer to understanding what I was doing wrong and the tools to fix it before anyone caught on.


And I really tried!  I invested in learning every vocal technique I could find.  I even spent thousands and became a certified vocal instructor just because I was told that only THEY knew how to understand it.


What I discovered after over more than a decade studying every technique I could find ...was this:

Most singing teachers are wonderful, well-meaning people who simply haven't been taught to ask, question or understand why or how things work.

And the very few who do know, charge a ton, primarily serve small circles of artists and managers and STILL don't explain a thing to anyone.


Soooo.....who's there to help the rest of us?


When I started testing my method with other singers who kept asking how I’d gotten so much better, I wasn't completely sure it would work for every voice.

My teaching associates said it was a fluke that it even worked for me  (Of course they also said singers couldn't be trusted to have this kind of control over their voices. )


That kind of ticked off the singer in me.


So I kept testing it on singer after singer to see if they were right. I was totally prepared to be wrong I just wanted to know where it stopped working so I never over promised anyone.  


It was really making a big difference in my own voice.  So I knew it had the potential to do the same for other voices too.


I love testing theories, so I went to town.  I tested it on every voice that found me; old and young, beginner to pro.


Well, it worked.

In fact, every voice I tested it on had the same kind of amazing results.

And I would've just gone on, studying and testing....knowing me, forever.









 A bruised eardrum from a gig led to a diagnosis that silent reflux was about to burn up my happy little vocal cords

I let them do a surgery on my stomach to stop it. 

But I got septic and wasn't expected to survive. 

After a long December in the hospital, suffering major organ damage and surviving pancreatitis, I finally went home. 

It was almost a year before I was able to start making a "mmmm" sound again.

MURPHY'S LAW:  Whatever can go wrong.......will


During terribly long recovery filled with many follow-up surgeries,

my right vocal cord and muscle were deeply cut

by a carelessly placed intubation tube. 


The result was a complete collapse of my right vocal cord.


Yup.   That happened.

Who has exam rooms filled with platinum albums? Dr. Shawn Nassari in Bevery Hills

Who has exam rooms filled with platinum albums from almost every famous singer...ever?   

Dr. Shawn Nassari in Bevery Hills.That's who.

Vocal surgeons from 3 renown hospitals told me I'd never talk or sing again

Even the top singers vocal surgeon in the US agreed.  But he also knew about what I taught.


He said my best chance would be to try to find a way to retrain my own voice. (not kidding).


He said If I worked really hard I might eventually regain enough of a gravely tone that my family might be able to identify my voice.


It's way too long a story to go into, but I did it.  Partly for obvious reasons.  But mainly because my students thought I could do it and had refused to go any other vocal coach.


So I create my own vocal therapy program.  I regained my voice (even added an extra half octave).

But I also regained my silent reflux.  And it came back with a vengeance.


I didn’t know how long I’d have my voice.  I still don’t.

But I knew it wasn’t going to be long enough

to help the steady stream of singers that still keep coming.

That’s why I created The Voice Club Academy






to everything you’ve ever thought

about singing lessons



Forget hours of repetitious scales

Trying to figure out if you’re just not talented enough to learn

or if you’re just not bright enough to really ‘get it’



You’re about to get access to a

proven, revolutionary vocal mastery system

that’s simple to understand,

fun to watch

and guaranteed to give you results FAST!

(Did we mention it’s customized for starving artists and people who think bunny slippers are appropriate attire for class?)

IT’S JUST MAGIC!!!  Seriously…MAGIC! 

Not only do I understand what’s going on in my own voice but I can actually HEAR what’s going on in other singers voices too! 

I wish I could tell them “hey, did you know if you did THIS you could do THAT?” 

The Voice Club Method is plain MAGIC!

Amber Z.


If you want IMMEDIATE training to learn exactly WHY your voice won’t do what you want….

If you want to FEEL what ‘natural born singers’ feel and HEAR how crazy-great your voice can actually get….

If you want to know how EASY it can feel to sing notes that caused you pain or wouldn’t even show up before….


The Voice Club Academy is definitely YOUR kind of place

 Who KNEW I could sing THIS GOOD? 

I’ve studied a lot of different methods but this is the FIRST time I’ve ever learned so MUCH.  

What I love about The Voice Club Method is that I actually sing better AND faster, just like they say!


Leslie S.





The Core Training Course: Vocal Mastery


The Voice Club Method

Vocal Mastery Core Course


First I’ll show you how to get the most out of the Academy.

Then watch 5 solid training videos to uncover exactly where voices go wrong and what’s holding them back.

Then take a special quiz to find out where your voice is right now and which Vocal Balance Workout you can start working on!

Get a BONUS VIDEO on how the voice actually works. Find out what most singing teachers don’t even know.

Get challenged about what your voice is really capable of, start to understand why you have the issues you do, and get prepared to learn things previously reserved for big names with big budgets!

Watch over 38 minutes of solid video training demystifying the two things that will determine how good you’ll ever get.

Download 2 training guides to use to correct your voice on the go.

PLUS, view almost 30 minutes of BONUS ‘watch & learn’ videos:

Watch 3 videos where I walk you through exactly what went wrong in the pitch & mix of 3 singers.

Sit in on sessions as I walk my own students through exactly how to fix mix and pitch in their own voices.

And hear what Britney Spears REALLY sounds like behind all those bells and whistles (you’re about to feel really good about yourself)

Vocal Mastery Core Course




The Keys to unlocking your best voice


Vocal Mastery Core Course


..where it all goes wrong


Watch over 40 minutes of solid video training to show how you’re making notes harder to sing without knowing it.

Learn why some notes are so hard to sing & why you sing them great one day and rotten the next.

Then discover the biggest thing that’s making some notes harder than they have to be and how to fix it NOW!

Download 2 training guides to fix the middle on the go, no matter what you sing!

PLUS, view almost 30 minutes of BONUS ‘watch & learn’ videos:

Watch 2 videos where I walk you through exactly what went wrong as 2 singers attempt the same Christina Aguilera song.

Sit in on sessions as I walk my own students through exactly how to fix the middle in their own voices.

Then it’s my step-by-step analysis of exactly what went wrong and right in 3 videos featuring Christina Aguilera (that same song the other singers tried), Freddie Mercury from Queen and Carrie Underwood!

Watch over 30 minutes of solid video training on the tools that great singers use to make singing everything easier while sounding completely complex!

Learn 5 steps to nailing that HIGH note every time (plus 4 ways to ruin it for sure!)

Then learn advanced professional level tools including how to stabilize a wiggly note, mastering control of dynamics and more.

Download 2 training guides with more choices to add to your arsenal of pro tips to engage to sound better every time.

PLUS: view almost 25 minutes of BONUS ‘watch & learn’ videos:

Watch 2 videos where I walk you through exactly what went right & wrong as 2 singers take on a Celine Dion and a Broadway song.

Sit in on sessions as I walk my own students through exactly how to release to their highest notes (including Charlotte from The Command Sisters)

Then it’s my step-by-step analysis in 3 stars videos including the worst performance ever from Kings of Leon, Katy Perry and the most amazing thing you’ve got to see to believe from 60’s rockers Focus!

Vocal Mastery Core Course


Vocal Mastery Core Course


….and when to break them

Watch over 27 minutes of rare training on the core concepts that will completely change how you view ‘ad libbing’ forever.

Download your training guide so you can maximize your styling for any songkeep this in your gig bag!

PLUS, view over 20 minutes of BONUS ‘watch & learn’ videos:

Watch 2 videos where I walk you through a great example of simple styling; what they did and why it worked, PLUS styling in an acapella group (without making a mess)

Sit in on sessions as I walk my own students through exactly how to add or modify styling to best fit the song and their own vocal strengths.

Then I’ll walk you through vocal styling examples from One Direction’s Lead Singer and the ever melismatic Mariah Carey!


Watch over 30 minutes of solid video training on how sing with STYLE even if you have no idea where to start...with concepts that will challenge even you pro’s!

Download a training guide to walk you through setting up your vocal styling toolkit AND a special bonus guide charting seven of the top styling tools pros use, when to use them and what to watch out for.

PLUS: view over 24 minutes of BONUS ‘watch & learn’ videos:

Watch 3 videos where I walk you through exactly which styling tools are being used by 3 singers who got it right.

Sit in on 3 sessions as I walk my own students through exactly how to get instant vibrato and use styling without compromising your vocal strength.

Then I’ll walk you through how Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Contemporary Jazz great Diana Krall use the tools you just learned! 

Vocal Mastery Core Course


….and why pro’s choose them

Vocal Mastery Core Course


….and how to make any cover sound like you wrote it


Watch nearly 30 minutes of solid video training on how to creatively craft a sound that is uniquely you and bring it to every song you sing, regardless of the style.

Uncover the mystery of how to add styling to make ANY COVER SONG sound like you’re the original!

Download your training guides to use as you work through any song AND a special bonus guide so you know how to stay unique in any style.

Then it’s my step-by-step analysis of exactly how PRO’s wield style like a magic wand; including the voice of many Disney Princesses and Jazz Legend Carmen McRae.

PLUS watch two popular bands take on ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and make it sound like the original! It’s like a masterclass in what ‘unique’ really means!



PLUS, Vocal Workout Courses with up to 7 MONTHS of training EACH!


…and a private ‘Members Only’ Facebook Group

for getting input, answers and accountability from your coach and other singers just like you!


…AND every future course we add to The Voice Club Academy absolutely FREE!


Will it be overwhelming? Not at all

How will I learn all of this and not feel overwhelmed?


That’s a good question.  And that’s kind of how I felt trying to whittle my way through every other technique I studied.

Every course in The Voice Club Academy is designed so you can go at your own pace.  Just walk through simple step-by step training.  Heck, we’ll even show you your progress and anything you may have missed, so let us worry about that.


Every section contains your video training, any downloads and other files you need so you can start seeing results right away. Plus, you can always go back and refresh or deepen your understanding.  It’s super easy to find your way around. You can access your training anytime, day or night on your computer, ipad or cellphone so you can train at 3am, on your lunch break and even just before you walk on stage.  We gotcha covered.



By the time you finish the very first course in The Voice Club Academy, you’ll be able to:

Identify WHAT goes wrong in your voice

Understand WHY it happens


Know what to DO about it

And realize that the problem wasn’t you


Does that seem impossible? 

It’s just the beginning!



Now ImagineTHIS:


Starting a song without feeling like it’s already falling apart


Having more range (without that weak spot in the middle)


Singing without it feeling tense, unstable or painful


Knowing when a note is about to go pitchy so you can fix it before anyone hears it


And actually understanding how you did it so you can do it again next time


What if I Have Questions?


Honestly? You SHOULD.

Pretty much everything you’re going to learn is going to challenge the way you used to do things in a major way.  That’s why we’ve got a couple ways you can get the answers you need.

You can:

  • Pop into the private Members Only Facebook Group and ask anytime, 24/7 (best option for questions on what you’re learning)
  • Or email me directly with the contact info you’ll get inside The Voice Club Academy (best option for tech questions or site stuff)

Even though I’ve been singing in bands I never really considered myself a singer. 

But in just a short time with The Voice Club Method

I found myself going “Huh!  I might just be a singer!” 

I can’t believe what I can do now!

Sarah K.

How do I know if it’s right for me?


Here’s how you can tell….


Have you ever had a feeling your voice could do more but you don’t feel you’ve found the answer yet?


Are you new to vocal training, want to skip the trial and error of studying ‘this’ and ‘that’ and get straight to the results?


Have you invested in singing lessons before, maybe even got a degree in voice, and still feel like your progress has been way too slow?


Do you really want to know what it’s like to be 3 notes away from that ‘giant, impossible, oh-crap-here-it-comes…’ note and, instead, think…   


    “I’ve got this!  Now let’s show ’em what this voice can really do!”



If you found yourself nodding along to any of these, you are exactly who I’ve built this online training system for. 

Still not sure?  I want you to be.  Shoot me an email at kim (at) thevoiceclub.com and I’ll help you find out

What about refunds?

If you’ve gotten this far, I’ve got to believe there’s something in you that is really ready to rock this out and experience it for yourself.  And that’s the kind of singer I can help best.

But if you’re not at that point yet… if you’re still dabbling in several different teaching methods and trying out a handful of singing tips you got online to see which one sticks, this program honestly isn’t right for you. 

That’s why The Voice Club Academy is backed by a no-refunds policy: no refunds are ever made, no exceptions..

I know that if you spend even one day going through the training I’ve designed, you’ll already be able to take advantage of quick-action solutions I built after all that work.

  1.  It won’t work if you do. (because everything else you’re trying will pull you the opposite direction)
  2.  I didn’t go through all this ‘death-defying struggle for answers’ with the hope that someday I might be able to throw a thought or two onto the pile of ‘maybe try this’ singing tips that browsing singers take a glance at while they walk by.    I did this for desperate, sincerely searching singers that are just as committed as I was to finding the truth and doing the work.

You understand that, right?

I want you to be sure you’re ready.  Because this is not going to work if you mix it in with something else you’re learning.  You have to be ready to jump in with both feet.

But for those of you who are…….you’re about to be introduced to a whole new level of singing!


Why does it matter if I join today?

  Well….when’s the last time you put off a new years resolution….and ever came back for it?   (me too)

It’s easier to invest in others than to justify an investment in ourselves (As a mom of four, I’ve been trapped by that one before).

Or maybe we’re afraid it might not work for us (we can usually blame past experiences for that one)

But if you’re tired of wondering IF your voice really could be better….. Why it seems so easy for some singers and so hard for you….

If you’ve ever wondered what you would DO if you just had a better voice…. If you’re ready to see some real results and be able to prove it to your worst critic (yourself)…

If you want to be able to stop the things that bug you for good….. If you’re tired of being held back because of fear or lack of confidence….

If you’re tired of scouring the internet for singing tips but never finding the success you hoped for…..

It’s time.


It’s time you did this for yourself.

It’s time to get off the sidelines and do this. 

You know that if you put it off you’re just going to slip right back into that cycle of searching and giving up….hoping and feeling let down.


That’s how you know TODAY is the day.

It’s not about ‘filling slots’ here.  In almost ten years of teaching The Voice Club Method I’ve never looked for students but they always keep coming.  I know that as long as singers like you are seeing results like these, they’ll keep coming.


I didn’t create all of this to sell things.  I created it because there’s a void in what you’re being told.


And I know how much you have to gain.  That’s how I know….


Now IS the time.





You value theoretical conversations on vocal pedagogy over actual singing (it’s ok, but that’s not what I built this for)


If you believe your voice is pretty perfect and have no interest in finding out what else it can do (I’ve been there too…usually when I’d up finding help)


You’re a ‘safe singer’: someone who enjoys dabbling in every kind of instruction to increase awareness but without any interest in doing the work to grow (again, no judgements, but this won’t be effective if you’re in that place right now)


(**THIS ONE IS SUPER IMPORTANT**) You’re a singing teacher looking for new ways to add value to what you’re already teaching. (We LOVE helping the singing teachers that come for help with their own voices but there are serious reasons why you cannot share what you learn:)


**The consistent results our singers experience are completely dependent on a ‘whole-other-level’ of ‘why’s and how’s’ available only to our certified vocal coaches.  Borrowing any concepts or training from The Voice Club Academy will not only add confusion to your students, it is also a big (like huge) violation of our copyright, patents and trademarks.  We do check.  It is very hard not to pass on what you learn when it works.  If you know that will be tempting for you, please don’t join. I really don’t want to buy my attorney another car.


“With chops and confidence that belie their years, the Command Sisters are ones to watch.”     – Guitar World

We cannot tell you enough how The Voice Club Method changed our sound and the way we sang. We have such better control, technique and power, and still use the vocal and performing techniques we learned in every gig. 

It’s really has been instrumental in helping us find our voices and has given us the confidence and ability to stand in front of an audience and just OWN it.

When people compliment our singing, we say, ‘You can thank our amazing vocal coach at The Voice Club!'”



Who KNEW I could sing THIS GOOD? 

I’ve studied a lot of different methods but this is the FIRST time I’ve ever learned so MUCH.

What I love about The Voice Club Method is that I actually sing better AND faster, just like they say!

Leslie S.


The Voice Club Method is amazing! I noticed significant improvement right away. 

Not only that, I get the tools to fix it myself.  It’s awesome!



Jennifer C.


I was listening to one of Michael Jackson’s old vocal training sessions online. 

It was so crazy!  I could actually HEAR places he sang with tension and even crazier, I knew WHY. 

Pretty humbling.  So grateful for The Voice Club Method.  I don’t take it for granted one bit.


Elijah T.


I’ve been singing since I was two, but had no idea how to use my voice fully.

Since I discovered The Voice Club Method the transformation of my voice has been astonishing! 

My range has increased to over three and a half octaves!   I know what I learned was priceless.


Mindi T.

Watch this video to see how EASY it is to train inside The Voice Club Academy

Results-driven professional vocal coaching with a growing library of courses to unleash your potential.


Online 24/7 so you can fit the maximum training into your busy life with no problem.


All for less than a THIRD of what just one vocal session a week would cost.




Financial emergency?  Cancel anytime – Come back as soon as you can.   No guilt – only support.  No filler – only proven training that gets real results.

Now It's YOUR Turn